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Sanctuary Sessions ~ LIVE Channeling ~ with Cat Knott and The Crew

LIGHT BRINGERS... YES YOU here changing the world! (you know who you are)

Come and take an hour to renew, recover and remember in these LIVE channeled sessions with the energy collective THE CREW each month until the end of 2023.

(Aug 14, Sept 12, Oct 11, Nov 9). Dec 8 - FREE SESSIONS

(plus access to the Sanctuary Sessions Library for all recordings)

Next LIVE session : FRIDAY DECEMBER 8th


The Sanctuary Session starts Live at 8pm CEST (Paris) / 7pm GMT (London) / 2pm (US EST) / 11am (US PST)

December 8th | 20:00 CET | Show in my timezone

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Cat Knott
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Dec 8

20:00 CET

December Sanctuary Session LIVE with Cat Knott and The Crew


These FREE live sessions are for the Awakeners, the adventurers, the WTF?! bewildered, and everyone who feels like being human on this planet right now, is the hardest, weirdest - yet most exciting thing to be.

I Know that as the Light Bringers here we’ve been called to stand in our own light

and to bring our own purpose here into the transformation of this world and the preparation for Humanity for the next levels of creation.

And I also Know that that means as the human beings that we are, we're also finding ourselves more and more standing in the world and saying ‘Hangy on a minute… what the F’kin F?! Whoaaaa… What happened there?’

We’re ALL awakening into an experience of life where we don’t recognise the world around us, and the roadmaps for how we’re supposed to fit into it have all disappeared or no longer give us the

direction our Soul is calling for our unique magic to be.

It’s kinda exhausting! Magic, amazing, freaking mind blowing - but definitely exhausting. It isn't easy,and we should never forget the powerful work we do - simply by being here.

Each wave of Awakening, upleveling and transformation is coming so quickly now that we barely catch our breath from one before the next arrives.

That's why I was called by the Energy Collective The Crew, to create these Sanctuary events - where, Light Bringers like you can come and sit in the energy of the Uninvented Life, and receive a collective channeled message and wisdom directly from The Crew, that answers the energy of the now that we are in. This is a chance to remember what is outside of thisness, and the solidity of life - and breathe in a space of true understanding of what it means to be someone who chose to be here in this time to embed and embody for the new frequencies for Humanity.

Empaths, Healers, Soul-Led Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Guides, Creators, Parents and Warriors.

That’s why these Sanctuary Sessions are for you.

Next LIVE session : FRIDAY DECEMBER 8th


The Sanctuary Session starts Live at 8pm CEST (Paris) / 7pm GMT (London) / 2pm (US EST) / 11am (US PST)


However there will be a recording made available, in the Sanctuary Sessions Library within 24 hours (links will be sent with your registration).


A link to each live event will be sent to your email address, if you can join us live there will also be a Q&A at the end of the call


There is no requirement to have worked with Cat Knott or The Crew before, simply arrive with an attitude and willingness to experience the event with an open mind and curious heart.


No need to register every month, plus you'll have access to all the recordings if you can't make it live.



About me, Cat Knott

Hi there, I'm Cat and I am Channeler to the energy collective of The Crew, Spiritual Explorer, Evolution Guide, Writer and Never Ending Ponderer.

I’m a channel in a real world, bit sweary, know this is weird, non velvet wearing, eyes open, and powerful way!

Over the years of guidance from The Crew and growing into this work, I've become SOLID in my knowing that we are ALL, yes even the most skeptical of us, connected to more than this experience of life, and able to access, listen to, and draw into us so much more than we are in this breath, if we can just get out of the way.

I will ALWAYS encourage you to shout - loud, proud and unapologetically - "YES! This is me, I'm shining whether you like it or not, and this the work I’m here to bring". My work as a channel and guide at www.uninvented.life is to let YOU feel the full permission from the Universe, to live life in all its it's messed up, mixed up AND infinite, magical extraordinaryness, that you already have. YOU ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD... embracing all of you; in this life, AND also so much more.

The world has changed. We are in a new era of collective conscious awareness. We need to let go of the BS of what was, and start anew. I promise not to accept your own belief that you are anything less that the power filled, creative, humanity shifting light and force in this world you're here to be.


Who are The Crew ?

I’ve been aware of being taught directly by who I affectionately call (for ease of description only) The Crew for well over 20 years now, and they are a collective collaboration of energies at the vibration of Oneness. They’re a nebular consciousness which shifts and changes depending on the vibration of energy required to answer a specific call or question.

As humans really, really, really want those clear cut, simple answers, we want a heirachy and a validation of where they, and we fit. The Crew couldn't be any further from that.

The Crew aren't interested in ‘validating our limitations’ as they infuriatingly tell me. They aren't here to help us manage the status quo better, The Crew are beyond all of that. They’re here to shake us all out of our current dreams, and unweave the solid weaving of this reality that we’re all perpetuating by wanting to stay in these same well trod paths again, and again, and again.

If you register for these Sanctuary Sessions, you'll also receive access to a FREE channeled recording of The Crew introducing themselves - and they can do it so much better than me!


" Cat Knott is a very gifted, clear channel and has the ability to bring out the best in me and everyone she meets.

Her approach is profound yet practical, deeply inspired and yet very easily understood. She has helped me feel so much less overwhelmed by life and all it’s challenges, and supported in a way that is absolutely invaluable.

I could never say enough good things about Cat and I highly recommend working with her!" Anna Grace Taylor

" Working with Cat is a whole other level. I won't even call it coaching, as it works at such a multi-dimensional level. Cat is a truly gifted reader and space holder that can see the glory of "all of you" and allow you to step into another level of power and evolution." Dr. Ehab Hamarneh

" Working with Cat and The Crew is a unique and mind-blowing experience, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. This is not a typical conversation with another human trying to live a linear life. It is a multi-dimensional, ever-expanding verbal exploration that takes you on an indescribable journey of awareness and realisation of the bigger picture." Sarah Cornforth


Before you register:

A FRIENDLY REMINDER... The support and services offered on by Cat Knott come from her own unique collection of life experiences, beliefs, spiritual understandings, intuition and learning. The content you’ll find here is not intended to replace your common sense, and should not be used as a substitute for it.

Cat Knott is not a medical or health practitioner, and her offerings are not provided to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice. As per European Law, this content is offered for entertainment purposes only.

If you or any other person are in crisis, or need of immediate care, please contact your local emergency services.

December 8th
20:00 CET